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prada glasses sale that the snap is roughly in the middle of the square. Use your seam ripper to make holes at these marks. Press the sides of the lining together and use those holes to make matching holes on the other side. Insert your snaps on the right side inside of the lining and press prongs closed.How to Make a Trendy Candy Wrapper PurseRecycled bags are quickly becoming all the rage, but crafters don't have to be "green" to appreciate this colorful project. What a great gift idea for that chic, environmentally conscious friend!Instructions for Cutting the Candy Wrapper Links:The first step in creating a candy wrapper bag is hand folding hundreds of links that will connect to form a woven chain. This simple design was possibly derived from the traditional Mexican art of paper folding. The art is still alive and well today. Case in point, tourists to Mexico often return with recycled trash clutches under their arms and expensive handbags stored away in their suitcases.To make the links, crafters will need a rotary paper cutter. They will cut chip bags, soda bottle wrappers, or any other waterproof packaging into 2" x 4" strips.Next, crafters will also cut thin magazine pages or newspaper pieces to the same measurements. These will not be seen but provide additional thickness to the links by being folded inside. The links should not be too thick though, or connecting the chains becomes difficult.How to Fold Candy Wrapper LinksCrafters form a link by laying one of the cut chip bags or candy wrappers on a flat surface horizontally and front side down. They will lay a magazine piece on top to fold in and give the wrapper added thickness. To make a link:Fold the bottom corners horizontally to meet the corners on top. Once they repeat the process to make a stash, they're ready to form a chain.How to Make Candy Wrapper Links into a Chain:To make a colorful chain of candy or chip bag links, crafters can connect the links by inserting the folded ends into each other. They should make sure each link added is situated so its open end not its closed end is ready to accept the next link.The size of purse or tote a crafter wants will determine the length of the chain. For a child's purse or wallet, a