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prada cosmetic bag signature jacquard fabric that has been specially treated to be water and stain repellant:Coach Bags, Totes, Purses 5 Basic Ways To Tell If A Coach Purse Is Real Or.Coach Purses: How to tell an Authentic Coach Handbag from Fake Coach HandbagsHow to Fix the Corner of a Coach PurseBuy Cheap Designer Coach Purse OnlineHow To Tell An Imitation Coach Handbag From A Genuine OneHow to Clean and Care for a Designer Leather Purse or HandbagFollow 0Comments 7 commentsGo to last commentStar Smith 5 years ago from Right Here, USAGreat suggestions for cleaning your beautiful Coach bag. The washing machine one doesn't sound like something I'd try expensive bag in tatters yikes!CanAmWellness 4 years agoHow to Clean Vintage Designer HandbagsAfter you've made your handbag shopping rounds at the local vintage store or on eBay, freshening up your latest acquisition will probably take some work. Vintage designer handbags are some of the most sought after collectibles on the market, but you need a strategy for preserving their fine details and to keep them looking fresh. Whether you have a beautiful Dior bag or classic Coach vintage designer handbag on your hands, here are some tips for keeping it in great shape for the long run: 1. Use Brasso with a Q tip to clean brass hardware. Most vintage handbags were designed with brass hardware and brass embellishments, so using standard polish to clean it won't work. Brasso is designed for freshening up brass furniture and dcor, but you can also use it on real brass hardware on the handbag. Just make sure you use a Q tip to apply it so that it doesn't get on the leather, and then let it dry before buffing away. Your hardware will be gleaming in no time.2. Remove makeup stains with mild soap and soda water. If the previous owner of the vintage designer handbag left traces of their makeup collection behind, you can get rid of the stains fairly easily. Dip a small clean towel into soda water and rub it on mild hand soap, then buff away the stain. Soda water and soap can help remove lipstick, foundation, mascara spills and in some cases, nail polish.3. Use Mink Oil to freshen up old leather. Mink Oil helps keep those black leather shoes shiny