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prada shoes for men 2013 working on a vegetable plot on land opposite their home in Primrose Lane and his wife was in the back garden.He said he saw her around the garage and that he was half keeping a check on her.Mr Harries said: "She told me she was looking in the freezer but thinking back on it, I believe she was looking for the petrol can we have for the lawn mower."I saw her looking around the corner of the house but now I feel she was checking on where I was. She didn't acknowledge me and slowly walked away."He also saw a tarpaulin on the ground but did not think anything of it at the time.Mr Harries returned to the vegetable plot and then heard a bang and a scream.He said: "I ran back thinking something had fallen on her in the garage then I saw her in flames."Mr Harries called the emergency services and volunteer responder medic Scott Deadman was at the scene first.In a statement to the hearing he said Mr Harries led him to the back garden.Mr Deadman said: "It was clear she was beyond help and I took him away."She was later identified by dental records and a post mortem confirmed she died from extensive burns.An investigation revealed Mrs Harries had probably wrapped herself in the tarpaulin before setting fire to herself, but all that remained of it were the metal ringlets.Initially, when a police detective helped search for a note, none was found. But several weeks later Mr Harries said he discovered one while looking through some of her old handbags."I ran back thinking something had fallen on her in the garage then I saw her in flames." William HarriesAlthough undated, he said it seemed to explain everything and agreed with the coroner that it appeared to be a farewell note.Recording a verdict that Mrs Harries had taken her own life, Miss Cobb said she was satisfied it was a deliberate act.Mrs Harries's sudden and tragic death shocked villagers in Chartham Hatch where she was well known and respected and had been involved in numerous activities and groups for 25 years.In 2007, she co wrote a book called Chartham Hatch From Village Hall to Village School.She also served as treasurer of the village hall committee and was a member of the Chartham Chameleons drama group, the village