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patent leather prada sneakers for men coordinate well with the color of the bag. Many knock off Dolce and Gabbana handbags will only use a tan thread.Determine the authenticity of a bag by examining the logos. On an authentic bag, the logos will not overlap one another and are not blocked by the seams of the bag.How can I tell if may Gucci purse is realGucci handbags are exquisite, priceless items created by the world renowned designer of the same name. Imitators are aware of this, as well as the fact that women love bargains. That's why Gucci handbags are some of counterfeiters' favorite things to copy. How does one differentiate a replica Gucci handbag from the real thing?Replica Gucci Handbags Don't Measure UpOne way to know an authentic Gucci handbag from a replica Gucci handbag is to examine the handbag workmanship. The quality of the Gucci bag is unmistakable. Attention to detail so as to approximate perfection during manufacture is one of its hallmarks. The lining in a replica Gucci handbag won't be nearly as impeccable. Replica Gucci handbags tend to miss out on some important but unnoticeable detail, such as the Gucci brand name signature.Each zipper of an authentic Gucci handbag will bear the initials of the designer. Inside the bag is to be found an inscription with such details as how and where the bag was manufactured. Some Gucci handbags have a serial number attached to them. This number indicates that the bag is an original product. It should be identical to the one on the certificate of authenticity, which accompanies the handbag. A replica Gucci handbag won have a serial number or a certificate of authenticity to attest to its legitimate origin.Durable Makes Sound Economic SenseDurability is a given in any Gucci handbag. If you own an authentic Gucci handbag instead of a replica Gucci handbag, it will almost certainly be around a long time and will look as good as new when you retire it, as long as you've taken good care of it. Buying a designer bag like Gucci is a sound investment for women. Bags are prized possessions for most of us. In it we carry some personal belongings we cannot do without in a day. We love to be seen with a handsome bag. They really do make us good looking and