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brown leather prada bag investor verbally committed to investing, then declined via email. It was a real shocker but not a show stopper. She just kept asking.Alan Meckler, CEO, Mediabistro, became one of her investors because he recognized that online fashion retailers are a fast growing segment of the internet.2. Build a large and diverse network.She's learned to rely on her network to introduce her to people who have an interest in her sector. Relationships aren't just about money, as every good networker knows. Connections provide advice, referrals to people who may join the I ELLA team, and access to celebrities: All resources Gorglao needs for I ELLA to grow.3. Be ready to pivot.In the beginning I ELLA only sold pre owned fashion. However, a new focus for the company is its monthly subscription gift bag called The List. A network of stylists, fashion insiders, and fashionistas handpick a sampling of brand new accessories, shoes, handbags, and clothing individualized to the member's specific tastes.4. Accept that there is no silver bullet.A placement on a morning show, in a top fashion magazine or a celebrity endorsement she's had all three does not lead to instant success. Gorgla has learned to temper her enthusiasm about such things. While they are important, good, steady work and good, steady growth are more important.5. Have people with the right skill set from the get go.One of Gorgla's regrets is not hiring a full time tech person in the beginning. Yes, I ELLA is a fashion company, but it is a tech based fashion company. E commerce requires a techie on board. I've heard this from other e commerce entrepreneurs.It was the first big hire Alice Wang and Pegah Ebrahimi of Spark Box Toys made. They brought a CTO onboard a little less than a year after launch. They're constantly tweaking the site, having a CTO is enabling them to build a more sophisticated site that better meets the needs of our customers on a more timely basis.How to Turn Coffee Bags into HandbagsEveryone needs to have a coffee shop to call their own. A coffee shop where the barista knows their order by heart and where great ideas can come to them as they people watch. I just recently discovered my favorite coffee shop