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prada saffiano saks department stores in Troy, Novi and Clinton Township. There are Nordstrom Rack stores in Troy and Grand Rapids. on Sunday.Can wait to check out the shoe selection! That being said, from the pictures above, a question I have always had popped into my head. Why do shoppers at stores like Marshall TJMaxx and now Nordstrom Rack insist on taking carts down those narrow aisles and leaving them there as they shop. It makes it impossible to get down the aisle. You literally have to go all the way around to see what is on the other side of the cart that has been left there. Can you leave your cart at the end of the aisle while you look?It also a long vacated space from a closed big box in Arborland, which is one of the city largest taxpayers.Our business staff and retail coverage is a key component of news coverage here. Part of that is because of its place in the economy and part is reader interest.The store opening story is just part of the story arc for this space the vacancy, the lease signing and now what the store is like for locals who may not know I actually one of them! as it prepares to enter this market all are turning points we cover in placessituations like this.I understand that everyone doesn care. But we do try to tell the story of changes in Ann Arbor, and larger retail openings are a part of that. I been thinking about what the store impact could be in the city, and I look forward to writing a column on that. Let me know if you have any thoughts you like to share.Hundreds of Leather Purses Crazy SaleGenuine leather purses wholesale from China are at bottom price now!!! I would like to recommend you our online store. If you also a big fans of Italian leather purses.Personally, I do not think it does a horrid job with their leather purses on line, but I am also not moved often enough about their Italian leather purses and bags to write about them. On the flip side, I am not moved so horridly that I must discuss what a major flop their leather purses are either. That means my feeling about Italian leather purses looms somewhere in the middle ground.If I keep my personal feeling about smaller shoulder Italian leather purses out of this review, I find myself liking