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prada bag saks fifth avenue owner of Bella Jewelers in New Milford, has donated a 40 carat quartz pendant worth about $10,000. It was handmade by her husband, Peter, and named "Best in Show" by the 2008 Connecticut Jeweler's Association.Fusaro describes her family as big lovers of the outdoors. "We enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and boating."My 10 year old son, Joshua, is a bird watcher and is active at the in New Milford. As residents and business owners in town, we feel it's important to keep certain aspects of New Milford in its outdoorsy state," she says.New Milford artist has donated a 19 by 25 inch framed poster of a painting of . It shows Hepburn standing beside a light cream colored 1940s LaSalle, built by .Osborne says she loves vintage cars and old Hollywood, "when actors and actresses who made good money might buy autos that reflected their personalities." A collector herself, she owns a 1938"I grew up around here along Lake Lillinonah and I am pleased to know so many people are working hard to preserve the beauty and quality of this area," Osborne says., owner of the Homeward Bound store in New Milford, which sells natural and organic products, has donated a raku bowl made by New Mexican artist ."Our entire store carries many environmentally friendly products. It's part of our mission. I believe that if you want to help the world, you should start in your own community. You should help the river that you go to and the land that's right around you," Walsh says.Each year, the HVA sponsors educational programs to make schoolchildren aware of issues affecting their environment.One such program took place in June, when Danbury's fourth graders visited the Still River greenway in Danbury, where they learned the effects of storm water runoff and flooding and how to identify insect larva."Most kids these days are being afforded fewer and fewer opportunities to get outside and understand the open space around them. The goal of programs like these is to teach kids about the rivers in their towns," says , the HVA's director of land protection."We live in a very, very beautiful area," says von Furstenberg. "The more we protect it, the more value it will have to us and to our