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prada eye wear body shapes, she categorizes clients into one of 35 image types and dresses them accordingly. This way, clients can be "judged" accurately.Although Whittaker's clients usually come to her to correct the impression they've been giving off with their clothes, some people have mastered the task. These people either possess a rare gift for wardrobing or they have a team of professionals ensuring they look as though they do. We like to refer to the latter as celebrities. To break down exactly how clothes can communicate, we selected five stars for Whittaker to "analyze." Here's what she came up with.PARIS HILTONThe outfit Hilton decided to don upon her emergence from the slammer marked her first attempt to change her image in the public eye. "There's an innocence about this look," Whittaker said of Hilton's prairie braid, simple denim, sailor girl jacket and muted colors. "Even her body language is different."The ankle grazing floral dresses and modest necklines the heiress has taken a recent liking to are a far cry from the siren attire she sported pre jail sentence. "She's usually very provocative," Whittaker said, "but now she's trying to keep it clean and innocent." Kind of like her criminal record.Image type: Siren untouchable, mermaid esque trying to be a Wood Nymph innocent, introspective, gentleWhere to go for the look: AnthropologieVICTORIA "POSH SPICE" BECKHAMTake her out to the ball game and Beckham will take out her . hot pants and platform sneakers? "It's brilliant," Whittaker said. "It shows that whatever you give her she makes it her own." The popped collar, hot pants, aviator sunglasses and sneakers exemplify the high maintenence persona of the British fashion maven.She simply can't part with heels Beckham wears stilettos to her kids' soccer games, not even if it means they'll be sinking into grass patches all day. Her height penchant, Whittaker says, demonstrates a high and mighty disposition.Beckham also bears a chameleon quality, always blending in with her environment. Living in Madrid meant long dark curly extensions and loads of classic black ensembles. has brought about a bleach job and shorter hemlines. But there's a strategy to her adaptive