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purple prada glasses makeup for some projects and for film production.Stiles comes by this creativity naturally. Her mother, a veterinarian in Bryan College Station, makes custom yarns from sheep's wool."She is so crafty," Stiles says. "She's an illustrator and can sew anything. We call each other all of the time and are always brainstorming on our next projects."Such creative thinking serves her well."I love thinking about the customer and trying to provide exactly what they are looking for," she says. "And really trying to understand what they are excited about."links trio of businessesA gift cooperative collectively called Fancy That! is made up of Evenstar, owned by Kathleen Palladino; PurseStrings, owned by Pat Corbett; and Sandalwood, owned by Susan Behrens.The trinity came together last October after operating their businesses separately. Palladino explained that "we played around with different names for a while and liked the name Fancy That! It has the flavor of wonderment and delight."She said that the store "is unique in that it is a gift cooperative, the only one in the area. They are popping up across the country because it is a great way to keep overhead costs down as they are shared and, therefore, aiding in keeping prices in the affordable range for our customers."She added, "There is a great sense of cooperation and collaboration among all of us. The people who shop here have the same comments for us: They love our sense of style and the carefully selected choice of merchandise."Palladino, who lives in Chatham, said, "I have been blessed to be able to vary my career choices over time and have been a teacher, nurse and now a small business owner."She explained that she entered the world of gift shops when she worked at one in Chatham, "doing the window displays and ordering merchandise. I loved the work and especially the interaction with people. I am definitely a people person!"Her next step was opening Evenstar Book and Gift Emporium in Valatie."I wanted to give folks the opportunity to have fine, affordable gifts and carefully selected books," she noted. "I also wanted to create a warm and inviting ambience for people to shop and browse in a warm and beautiful environment. I