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prada round baroque sunglasses companies. Be aware that they will expect something in return eg. advertising, return, use of your services etc. If approaching another company, make sure you know what you can offer them!Many filmakers make money by selling their films online either by paid download or selling their dvd on their website. This does take some creative marketing!How do I research the manufacturing of a handbagThe tiny ones I see are sold by many stores and manufactured in China. I don't know how to find out who actually makes them. I don't see any metal frame made exactly like the one I would need. The rest of the purse would be a soft jellylike silicon.I don't know how to draw anything that would make sense to anybody who would make a prototype I guess making a prototype is what people do first? Do I go to somebody who makes the little frames and ask if they'd make a giant one and how much it would cost? Would that person be in the US? How would I coordinate the metal frame part, which would presumably be made by a metal frame making person, with the silicone body of the purse, which would presumably be made by a silicon making person?I guess I have an advantage in that what I want to make is a giant Something That's Already In Existence except for the copying part, which I'm not sure is legalethical.I've never done anything like this before. How did they figure out how to do this? Especially when the factories that do this kind of thing are probably going to be in China.I really would be grateful for any assistance in this research. One thing is I am pretty passionate about the cleverness of this design, and I hear you're supposed to be "passionate" when you start a business.I'm thinking it would be a very expensive proposition to do what I want, so it occurred to me that, once I had the prototype and some manufacturing plans in place, maybe this could be a Kickstarter project.So, again, thanks for any thoughts.posted by DMelanogaster to work money 5 answers total 9 users marked this as a favoriteOne thing I do as a significant part of my job is to produce items new and existing from overseas factories for sale in the US.If you're looking for some Q on this, feel free to