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prada jewelry film. They contracted with YouTube to place their movie online and YouTube sold banner ads next to the film space on the page. They raised $50K that way.Another way to raise money is to borrow the money using credit cards, then travel around with the movie showing it at various art movie houses. Four Eyed Monsters made $50K that way also.The best way to raise money for an independent film is to not need to spend money in the first place. I have a friend who made a feature length film for $2500 not including camera and lights. The actors agreed to act for free or for a percentage of profits. Everyone who helped with the film volunteered. People get so excited about film projects that many people will volunteer for free. The most expensive item sometimes is food.A novel way to finance an independent film is to charge people money to participate in the film. Each person who owns and works on the film has to pay $2500. After all their blood, sweat and tears, at the end of the project they get a producer credit in the film, and they own a percentage of any profits that the film makes.If this sounds daunting, think of one of your friends who enjoys talking to people, or who could sell anything. Get that person to help you come up with a proposal and start the fundraising process.A lot of independent film makers don't make any money!The main way to make money out of filmaking is by selling it onscreen or on dvd etc. However, getting the films noticed and accepted by a distributor is a tricky business. There also isn't much of a market for short films.Most raise their money personally. Either by saving over time or taking out personal loans against their project. Obviously this isn't ideal as you will probably end up out of pocket.There are a number of funding bodies which support independant filmakers and offer grants for projects. But again these are few and far between. You have to have a strong application and a good knowledge of what you are doing. Organisations like Scottish Screen, the UK Film Council and Film4 all offer schemes and grants for filmakers check their websites regularly for deadlines.If you are savvy you could get funding or sponsorship from larger