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mens pradas co owner of Mona Moore. "It's probably an appreciation of beautiful, well made objects."As for the bag, she said, many women carry a $1,000 bag every day, even when they're wearing Gap."Fashion is a language, so you're sending a message to people who speak your language. Like the Balenciaga bag, there will be a certain kind of person carrying that. And you're saying you're in that club."When Mona Moore opened three years ago, Bush recalled, the most expensive shoe in town was about $500. "Three years later, it's a lot more like it is in the United States."While prices have levelled off somewhat in Canada, according to some retailers and manufacturers, based on the strength of our dollar against the euro, there remains an up and away ascent.The price of a pair of Manolo Blahniks, for instance, has increased from about $500 several years ago to about $875 now.But it is luxury handbags that are selling like hotcakes this season. "There's something going on with the bag thing,'' Bush said. "There are a lot of bags that say pretty much the same thing: 'I follow fashion and I'm willing to put my money here.' ''Nikolopoulos has two Hermes handbags in her collection, as well as bags by Judith Lieber, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana and this season's other hot ticket, the Chloe Paddington, which she picked up for $1,400 at Bergdorf Goodman in New York recently."I love it,'' she replied when asked what her reasoning is in spending that kind of coin. "I'm an independent person. I make my choices and I treat myself." But she admitted: "This is madness."Another Montrealer, this one in the fashion business, is searching for a hobo style Chloe Paddington.ill Darwen woman raisesSheenagh's sister Rhona Eccles, 44, said she and her family decided to sell all the stock left over from Sheena's Accrington Market stall, including jewellery, handbags and scarves, and hold araffle, tombola and auction."Our family is quite well known in Darwen, everybody in Darwen seems to know everybody, and there were a couple of hundred people there during the day."Sheenagh doesn't like people making a fuss over her so we kind of sneaked her in. We're all very proud of her."The event lasted nearly six hours,