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glasses prescription in illegal purchases, including fine wine, designer handbags and jewelry.MORE: Oh, the Irony: Identity Theft Prosecutor Is Hackedwas a very well thought out, well organized ring, says Steve Schwartz, executive vice president of consumer services, at Intersections Inc., a security company. not a lot you can do there to avoid having your card skimmed, he says.close attention to your bank statements, says Schwartz. It a fairly common trick for credit thieves to use the card to make a tiny purchase of a dollar or less just to see if you catch it. If you don the shopping spree is on using your identity. don notice, Schwartz says. say, yeah, I must have gone to the gas station. The bottom line should be to question any unfamiliar charge with your bank.How to Prevent Being PickpocketedRefrain from rummaging through your wallet or counting money in public. While you are looking through your wallet, it's easy for someone to snatch it out of your hands and make off with it. If you must use your wallet in any way, shape, or form, do so away from large crowds and in a safe place.Count your money at home or in a hotel room. Never lay out money and credit cards on a tablephone boothetc. in a public place, as somebody can snatch it. Don't dangle the purse loose below your waist. The strap should be short enough that you can keep the purse and its openings under your elbow. A purse strap of metal chain is very secure, because it cannot be easily cut. Also, try to find a purse that has the zipper within your eyesight not one that's behind you. Having a purse with a zipper in the back will make it easier for someone behind you to unzip your purse and make off with its contents.Carry your purse across your chest. If the strap is long enough, put it over your head so the strap runs diagonally across your chest, with the purse itself under your arm.Carry no valuable items in outer purse pockets. Use any exposed pockets for your Kleenex, your makeup, or your map. Store your wallet and phone in a place where they will be harder to reach. Leave behind in the hotel safe some money and any credit cards, ID, etc. that you don't need to take. Concealment may not always protect you from muggers and