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prada optical frames keep them smooth.To keep the outside of your handbag looking good you have to keep in mind the fabric of your bag. Obviously if your bag is leather you need to condition it with a leather conditioning cream to keep it smooth. Try and keep it out of the rain. If it does get wet, gently dab it dry never wipe it. As for suede, don try and clean it yourself, take it to a professional. When you store suede make sure nothing is rubbing against the suede that may leave a mark such as handles or zippers. As for fabric bags, these have a tendency to collect dust so keep a duster or lint roller nearby and give them a quick cleaning before storing.Of course, with too many handbags sometimes you need to get creative with storage, such as wall art, shoeboxes or even under the bed the horror, but whatever your chosen mode of storage, just make sure to protect your bags. It make them last a lot longer.How to Protect Intellectual Property Rights in ChinaWhat launched this change has to do with China's entry into the World Trade Organization. In order for China to join the WTO club they had to show a serious commitment to curbing violations in intellectual property rights.The result was new laws and a new legal perspective in China. US Customs and Border Protection CBP recently released statistics indicating that seizures are down 33% from last year. Apparel topped the list of infringing products followed by handbags. The list continues cigarettes, footwear and consumer electronics. Computer hardware was down to only a 5% share of IPR related seizures.Counterfeiting is big business and most brands do not suffer significant damage. Copycats are knocking off branded items, these brands are big names. Big brands have the attorneys on the ground in Asia keeping an eye out for their brands. Companies that take a proactive role usually don't have a problem.Violators can expect to do jail time for breaking the law. Criminals who profit from copying are now realizing that the laws are for real. Fines for violators are over $60,000 USD.So if you have a product that is really unique and you don't want it copied, apply for a patent. The right kind of patent will protect you on a global scale.