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men prada shoes on sale many companies are trying to cash in. Find out how to tell the difference between an authentic and fake Prada bag. Look like a Star: How to Rent Designer Clothing OnlineCelebrity status is no longer needed to borrow items by top designers.How to protect your handbagA leather conditioner would keep this bag like new.If you reading this site there is a good chance you own more than one handbag. Possibly even more than two or three or four handbags. If this is the case then you often have need to store your handbags when you not using them. How do you do that? Do you just throw them in your closet or even worse, leave them on the floor? Well if you do, you are ruining your handbags without even knowing it. Over time and use bags do suffer wear and tear, but how you store them can have a lot to do with your bags eventual longevity. Read on for some tips and tricks to stretching out the lifespan of your handbag.Storing You Handbag you not using your bag it important that you take the time to properly store it. Depending on the type of bag, you have to figure out the best way to keep it safe until its next use. One of the best ways to store a handbag, especially the pricier ones, is in a flannel dust bag. These keep away dust, moths, dirt, etc from your bag and also keep it looking like new. Often the most expensive designer bags come with their own flannel dust bags, but if your handbag doesn a pillow case also does the job.Another thing that is important about your bag is its shape. A tote should look like a tote, a satchel a satchel. Both tissue paper acid free and bubble wrap work at keeping handbags the right size and shape. Make sure that the handbag is empty of all other items, such as pens that might leak or candies that might become sticky and ruin the interior of the bag.Keeping the detailing of your handbag working is important, too. What good is your bag if the zipper isn working and the bag won open? It important to make sure you don force open the zipper and that the zipper tracks remain clear at all times. A good way to keep the zipper moving smoothly is to lightly run natural beeswax over the tracks. This will keep the tracks from becoming rusty and