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prada shades trichomoniasis.As with any questions regarding your health, the best course of action when in doubt is to speak to a trained medical professional. Usually some women before or after their menstrual experience a thick Egg white like mucus most of the time normally 14days after your period but every woman is different also keeping in mind how long your period last also. If you have a period that last a total of 7 consecutive days then yes it would be possible to ovulate directly after your period rather that 14 full days after your period. Myself speaking, ovulate some kinda crazy and can always tell when I'm ovulating I know my body better than anyone and have studied it for years Some days After my period and I've noticed several days before my period if not after but never bothI can go to the bathroom to urinate and thick Egg white light yellowish mucus comes right out best example: If you've have unprotected sex and semen is released inside of you and the old saying what goes up must come down happens without having to wipe and theres no smell or odor of no kind no itch no irritation no bumps NO YEAST INFECTION!!! And my cervix would feel a little achy and some women myself included have an increase in their sex drive. This mucus would last for a couple of days and eventually stop. Always Always consult with your physician if you're unsure about anything, you know your body better than anyone and its your duty to protect it. So I know this response is late but hopefully this will be helpful to someone. Other Ladies had good answers but were just missing another valuable piece to the puzzleDischarges don't "always" have a smell.Even takeing antibiotics can cause it. We have good bacteira in our body.And bad. Don't douce everyday.Hope this helps.It is probably a yeast infection very common. Nothing to be ashamed of. As heavy dodge said you can buy stuff in shops for it. In the UK you can buy it in chemists and supermarkets, the most common brand name is Canesten. The most effective treatment is quite pricey but worth it, especially if you have itching as well, and that is a combination of a tablet which you swallow, a pessary which you insert in your