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prada leather wallet style today and will always be in style in the future. These items include: Silk blouses, well tailored Blazers or Jackets, leather or fur items, lace items, tailored dresses, designer handbags and jewelry, and beaded or sequin items. And always be on the lookout for that one of a kind piece. Tip 2 Do some research on the top designers and fashion trends of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's eras of which most vintage clothing is categorized. Just because it's not a popular label today doesn't mean the item isn't fashionable or well made. If you know what designers to look for when shopping, it will help you curate a vintage wardrobe that is not only stylish now, but will also be classic later. Tip 3 Have a good tailor on speed dial as many vintage items will need to be tailored in order to fit you best. It's amazing how dramatically a garment can change when a hemline is altered, waist is taken in, neckline is changed or repairs are made. Simple alterations cost very little and can make a vintage item look very current and fashionable. Tip 4 Skip it if the item has significant damage or has a smell. More often than not, items are displayed in stores after being cleaned and fixed so if there is persisting damage or smell, there is probably a good chance you won't be able to fix it. Also, be sure to test all of the buttons, zippers and fasteners before buying an item to make sure it can easily be repaired if it is loose or doesn't fasten correctly. Tip 5 Because vintage shopping has become so fashionable in recent years, it has become much easier to shop in vintage stores that have edited collections specific to the genre or era you are looking for. For example, at Vintage by Misty we specialize in vintage designer items from around the globe that are both bohemian and glamorous mostly from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago are great places to scour vintage stores as well as smaller stores near ritzy zip codes where the well to do tend to cast off their unwanted although beautiful clothing and accessories. Tip 6Remember, shopping vintage is like a treasure hunt. It's true that if you find a one of a kind item that it