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prada bag tote pouchette, like Marc Jacobs' petal to the metal orange pouchette version retailing for $248.00. For those teck driven fashionistas, do not neglect essential accessories to protect iPhones, iPads and Laptops. Designers have taken extra precaution and added thick padding, zippers and closures to decorative sleeves and covers, extending the life of your everyday gadgets. This category also includes wallets with bright patterns and colorful scenic views, such as beach scenes and water inpisred prints, like Kate Spade's Pool Party clutch retailing for $278.00. Peruse through different styles and a wide variety of designers at local department stores, such as Bloomingdales. As another shopping alternative, do not forget to check out local boutiques, which carry independent designer handbags with one of a kind trims and handmade finishes.How to Spot the FakesYou've seen one of the arm of some of the most popular stars and you've seen them on the pages of some of the best designer magazines. Now you've finally decided to splurge and treat yourself to a Gucci handbag. But, how can you make sure that you're getting the real deal? Spotting a fake Gucci handbag isn't always an easy task. As counterfeiters are honing their skills, some are replicating designer products that are very close to the real product. But, nothing is exactly like a Gucci and if you take the time to carefully inspect the bag, you'll know when it's not a real Gucci.Tip 1One of the most common details that can tell you whether a Gucci handbag is authentic or a fake is the logo. The letters should be all the same size and there should be the same amount of spacing each of the letters. Make sure that the "G" is a G and not a "C".Some fakes will actually have a logo that says, "Cucci" and it might not be noticeable unless you pay close attention. Fake Gucci handbags are also known to have fatter lettering and it may even look as if the dyes are fading or running together.Tip 2The colors of an authentic Gucci handbag should be vibrant and clear. Some counterfeit handbags will have colors that are pale, or that have a distressed look. This is especially noticeable for Gucci handbags that have a red and green lining.Tip