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prada saffiano sizes regular store have handbags that are so colorful and cute while the outlet's items are just okay. There are handbags that are specifically made for the outlet that never got to the regular store. However, if you look around more carefully, you will notice the discounted items that are from the regular stores.How to tell the difference? There are several ways in which you can tell the difference between the two. Here is the most obvious, the regular coach handbags have a different price tag than the outlet handbags see photo below for more details. For the handbags that have a dust bag inside either white or brown, depending on the colors of your bag, that is a reliable sign that this particular bag was from the regular store. Another clue lies in the Coach logo. See below picture for the difference.Will I be able to find all the regular Coach store styles at the outlet? Probably no. There are limited items in the outlet that are from the regular store. The majority of the items are specifically made for the outlet. If you really want to get those styles from the regular store at a cheaper price, you will have to go to Macy's to find them at maybe a 20% from the retail price.20% Or 30% discount? Coach factory outlet store usually have another percentage discount on top of the marked down price. There are plenty of times that they have 30% off. So, you should always buy when that the items are marked down 30% versus the 20% to save additional money. You can sign up for the email at checkout. So, you will know ahead of time when to go.There are limits of how many of the same ones you can buy. There are people that buy 3 or more of the same styles. However, there is a limit for that quantity. So, if you are buying for many different people, you have to go with several other people because the limit is per person.Other than handbags, there are other items available in the outlet. They have wallets, sunglasses, wristlets, coin purses, shoes and scarves. These items are a lot cheaper than at the regular Coach store. Just recently, I bought a Coach wallet it was from the regular store for more than 50% off the retail price.Find the locations of the nearest Coach factory