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discounted prada handbags first place. One site called GroupCommerce sells white label software for building custom daily deals sites, as does Tippr, which offers deals of its own as well. A company called DealOn Media launched a product Monday called OfferEx, built on advertising exchange technology, that lets publishers buy daily deals from vendors through a system much like digital ad pioneer DoubleClick."It's very expensive to acquire these deals," DealOn vice president of business development Rafael Cosentino told CNET. "Second tier daily deals sites they don't have a sales force in like 50 markets, they have a sales force in two markets. Here, they can get deals in those other markets without having the capital expense of a sales force." He says they've signed four publishers think local newspapers, which have been eager to find a new source of ad revenue and nine deals sites so far.On the consumer level, a site called Lifesta has built a reselling market for deals coupons, which often don't expire for months after they've been purchased a testament to just how popular some of these sites have grown and how the psychology of limited edition impulse shopping can sometimes lead to a bit of buyer's remorse.But while the bigger daily deals sites have proven to be impressive moneymakers as well as a true mainstream hit, that's not a sign that companies built around daily deals sites will experience anywhere near a similar level of financial success. Yipit, for example, does not have a revenue model in place and has chosen to raise venture funding to fuel growth while profits are still distant."The idea was to raise funding so we wouldn't have to focus on the ad side of things," Vacanti said. "We're 100 percent focused on getting consumers to our site and offering the best product possible."Perhaps the biggest problem for companies aiming to capitalize on the daily deals craze is that many of their business models are predicated on a packed market that is, for one, constantly open to new competitors, and two, is tough for consumers to navigate. In truth, many of the smaller daily deals companies may fail to survive or get acquired by bigger competitors, cleaning things up and solving the aforementioned