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pradashoes lovely, delicate porcelains, but they are in no way, stylistically or otherwise, by Emile Galle.Most likely made overseas for export by a maker who borrowed a respected name, the figures are probably mid 20th century decorative fancies.Value of the figurines is as decorative pieces. The incised numbers are mold or inventory marks.Q: I read that Corning cookware is not manufactured the same way it used to be. Do you think the original Corning Ware might become a collector item because of that?A: In 1958, Corning introduced a new Pyroceram cookware called CorningWare. A lot was made and bought, so collectors can still find it at house, garage or yard sales.Most vintage CorningWare now sells for $1 to $30. Certain pieces and patterns will appreciate, and some have already inched up in value. Collectors go for specific forms and patterns, particularly Wheat, the first pattern. Appreciation is generally a long, gradual process. If you're holding on to pieces expecting to get rich one day, expect a long haul.FYI: "Corning Pyroceram Cookware" by Debbie and Randy Coe Schiffer, $29.99 shows the full line of collectible Corning, plus prices.Q: I have 1976 through 2008 Hallmark Christmas ornaments in A One condition, all in boxes. How do I find a way to sell them? To find value?A: First, find a copy of "Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments: Warman's Companion" by Mary Sieber Krause, $17.99. Prices are from 2007 and should be used as a guide, but the book is a great reference on what's out there. Armed with that info, look on eBay for your exact ornaments. Check completed listings, too. That way, you have two values, with eBay reflecting real world results.look fabulousboosting the local economyVenturing off in to Preston sides streets can lead to some great unique shops so that you can walk down the street in an outfit you unlikely to find someone else wearing with your head held high because you shopped local.Let make Preston style about flare and originality not same top from next with those same jeans from Marks and Spencer. isn exactly blessed with a multitude of shops but lets make the best of what we got.To get you started, here are my suggestions for some local shops with great