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prada eyeglasses for women separated into price, featured brands and even Gifts. Some stores including Nordstrom have free shipping and free return policy . . . This is a no lose situation. If you order online and don want it, just return the item, for free.Gift ideasShopping for women can be tricky in general stick to things that you know they don really have to try on for size.1. Scarves: Go with color, make it exciting and invest in this item. It is something that can be worn for years. If you can afford a cashmere sweater or cardigan, you can probably afford a cashmere scarf.2. Plush throws. Everyone loves soft throws and they are a no brainer kind of gift. Pick a neutral color if you are unsure of the home d a taupe or cr is a safe bet. It is a larger gift and you don have to break the bank to give something that looks and feels luxurious.3. iPhone covers. This is where you can buy a name brand such as Kate Spade or Marc Jacobs for a value. Typically around $40 is what you will spend, and it is something they will see and use daily. Ugg slippers for men. These are quality, value and made extraordinarily well. Even the most rugged manly man loves a comfortable slipper. These will last for years.5. A handbag is one of the top rated gifts I help my clients buy. It can be the only gift you buy for your loved one and it is one that will last, is quality and something they use daily. Invest in brands you are familiar with, buy real leather, and if you are unsure buy one that is a neutral tote that has a season less quality can be used in the middle of July and the middle of December. I always tell my clients to invest in two things if nothing else: undergarments and handbags it is worth the money and such a great gift.Here is one that I love and is an example of that season less quality photo at right:Clutches can be fun and a great stocking stuffer as well.6. Jewelry. It OK if you can afford the diamond studs this year . . . there are a few lines of jewelry that look and feel real but are affordable, a good value and quality. One of those is NADRI. They have handcrafted pieces, handset superior quality crystals and are a great price point. Available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lord Taylor, Dillard and