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prada candy fragrance blind eye towards their pain and suffering. A federal government and a President that cares more about politics than people. Will that song be enough to bring her to victory? The votes are in and With that song in her heart, Jan Brewer is new American Idol!For decades, a rogue conservative agent named Sean Hannity has lived life on the edge, defending the United States from attack. A key member of CTU Counter Terrorism Unit, Hannity has never tired in the face of evil. Whether it is Islamic jihads, Russian spies, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sir Paul McCartney, or government tax cheats, Sean will use any means necessary to save the country, facing whatever harm, personal or professional that may come his way. This season, Sean takes on the greatest threat to America the nation has ever seen. It a threat so fundamental, so insidious, so calculating, and manipulative that even a nuclear warhead cannot compare to the potential devastation that lies in its wake. The threat could actually destroy the United States of America with trillion dollar deficits, government run healthcare, illegal immigration, a conspiracy with climate change advocates to do nothing with regard to a major oil spill in the Gulf, not to mention total economic collapse. The threat can be crystallized in one word and one word alone. Socialism.But the magnitude of the threat is only part of the problem. Senior CTU Analyst, Chloe O has just informed Sean that there may be a conspiracy from within the White House itself to facilitate and perpetuate this threat. What more, O has obtained classified documents that this threat will take place in exactly 124 days on November 2, 2010, when the next General Election is to take place. How can this be? Sean wonders. He looks more closely at the documents and is shocked to discover that former President Charles Logan, who was found guilty of treason, and his prot Rahm, have been advising the current President Barack Obama. Suddenly, an alert sounds at CTU headquarters and federal marshals enter the conference room to take Sean and Chloe into custody. But Sean cunning and reflexes kick in. The young, untested federal marshals are no match for a man who has been in