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prada eyewear sunglasses all at The Daisy Chain.The store has gone through changes of location over the years, starting out in Nolensville as an antique store, but the sentiment has always remained the same, to create a safe, happy and friendly environment for womenyoung and old to shop in.Courtenay is a graphic designer and at one point was an assistant buyer for Lord and Taylor. She was inspired to open The Daisy Chain as she grew up around her grandmother's hat shop in Chattanooga.She knows when ladies go shopping at boutiques they want a hands on experience. Courtenay and her talented staff are always there to help find the perfect outfit or gift for you. They especially know how to find the right clothes for your body type. That's a gift in itself!Some of the brands Daisy Chain carries are French Dressing Jeans, Ivy Jane and Uncle Frank, Big Buddha handbags, and many more. They have jeans, dresses, belts, purses, shoes and jewelry to match it all.Don't waste your time with mega stores this holiday start at The Daisy Chain. You can shop here for all your holiday gifts Monday through Saturday from 10am 6pm.hosted a TV show and been mistakenBut deep down inside, I can be such a pain. I was relieved when that show didn't go anywhere. On TV you have to look like you know what you're overdoing, while you're overdoing it. I don't even like Skype.So, here I am. The old. The dead is what I should be. Bobby Valentine, the Red Sox' manager, was asked recently whether, as a high school football star, he'd ever played with a concussion. "I went into the wrong huddle and stuff like that," he said. "I was concussed. I kind of liked it. I didn't know you weren't supposed to like those things. In my day, writing a story with a bad hangover relieved by a medicinal beer or two, with an hour of sleep, while being nagged by the suspicion that you had left your rental car running outside that apartment with no furniture in it except for that fluffy blue rug where where? How about whom? I didn't know you weren't supposed to like working like that. It made it seem more athletic.We prided ourselves on performing, like Babe Ruth, in spite of performance inhibiting drugs. My late friend Pete Axthelm, of SI and later