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prada eyeglass frames brands also gain substantial marketing advantages.During the restoration of Trevi fountain, Fendi will be allowed to display its logo at the site. A plaque dedicated to the brand will be displayed at the site for four years after completion of the restoration.Diesel is reportedly allowed to place advertising billboards over a part of the Rialto Bridge during that restoration.Advertisements on some of their most cherished monuments don't seem to bother locals."If someone or a company is spending money to renovate a public building, which will be covered in scaffolding, green netting or white sheeting anyway, why shouldn't they be allowed to brand their contribution?" says Primo Franco of Nino Franco Winery, speaking about the Rialto Bridge renovations."It is a temporary situation and renovation and restoration requires a huge amount of financing and shouldn't this investment be recognized? Funding large scale projects via the private sector is a way to protect the future of the cultural monuments in Italy.""We were delighted to learn of Diesel's generosity in contributing to the restoration of the Rialto Bridge," said Jane da Mosto, environmental scientist, activist and co founder of weareherevenice, an organization that seeks to preserve Venice's unique heritage."Each time I walk over it, I notice another facet of the incredible construction and it is an eternal reminder of the ingeniousness of Venetian architects and craftsmanship. It is also appropriate that the shop benefiting from a strategic position at the foot of the bridge is contributing to safeguarding the heritage of the city that brings it so many customers."12 alternative Italian destinationsThe marriage of corporate donors and restoration projects isn't always so warm.In 2011, the UK based Art Newspaper reported that the Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo in Naples signed a contract in 2009 with restoration firm Grandi Progetti that allowed the firm to sell advertising space on its scaffolding in exchange for free restoration work.While Grandi Progetti profited with 3 million $3.8 million in advertising revenue, none of the contracted restoration work was done. The article cited similar cases in at