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black prada tote Vuitton and Mulberry.I suppose it depends on the era you were born and whether you are a "bag lady" or not. As a teen, in the 80s, I would use my Mum's castoffs. My husband bought me my first nice bag from Selfridges complete with umbrella just before our marriage. I also try and buy bags which are on sale. My latest over Christmas was a red leather Laura Ashley for 55 quid. As a rule I tend to buy bags when the others have worn out. The 4000 quid figure over a life time probably isn't outragous though for myself more like 1000.i'm no wealthy lady trust me, i work hard and budget to live within my means but i have, on occasion, saved up for a nice bag. i think the most i've spent on a bag is 350, and while i know that's a lot, i find that if you don't have a car and i don't, and you work and are out of the home for hours and hours on end, going to different places, a bag is more than just an fashion accessory. it's a necessity. i can't fling my laptop, gym clothes, lunch, books, etc. in a car as i see many do making the car basically a massive bag on wheels and sorry, but i can't fit those things in my pocket either. less expensive bags often fall apart after a couple of months of heavy use, whereas a well made one i'm not talking about a trendy thing with spikes or what have you will last and earn its keep.I don't EVER carry a handbag, I have a very small purse that fits in my pocket and holds everything I need, money, cards etc, my mobile is slipped inside my bra. Not only will I never be mugged but they can't get my phone either. So keep your 4000 handbag and worry about the thug that decides he wants it. Angela, Derby England, 2722010 14:04Angela, I would be VERY wary of slipping a mobile inside my bra. The health risks of mobiles are still, to a large extent, unproven. There have been numerous studies and the official line is that the tiny amount of radiation emmitted is safe but, given that mobiles are relatively new technology, nobody really knows. There have been some suggested links to cancers including breast tumours so perhaps it's just as well to be careful?When I'm supermarket shopping I don't take a handbag but use a little zipflap purse, which