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prada bag red promotional fares This is the only way to avoid Ryanair's controversial check in fee. Checking in online normally costs 5, but more than half of all Ryanair customers avoid this charge by booking promotional fares the special offers flashing on the airline's website. These include free web check in.2 Check in online Ryanair no longer operates check in desks. Since October 1, it has been operating 'luggage drop' facilities, with all passengers expected to check in online and to print their own boarding passes. The charge for this is 5, but that's nothing compared to the new airport check in fee of 40. If you don't have a printer, it's time to invest in one. If you're off on holidays, check in and print out your boarding pass for the return flight before you travel. Printers may be in short supply on the beach.By contrast, Aer Lingus offers airport check in for free, but only allows short haul passengers to check in online from 30 hours prior to departure.3 Watch your weight Measure twice, cut once. The old DIY proverb is just as relevant to no frills flying, with excess baggage now charged at 9 per kilo by Aer Lingus and 20 per kilo by Ryanair. To avoid these charges, weigh your bags at home and remember that different airlines impose different weight restrictions Aer Lingus allows 20kg, Ryanair 15kg. To allow for any gremlins and souvenirs, try to come at least 3kg under the limit. Do you really need that third pair of shoes? If so, you may be better off flying with a full service airline.4 Check your cabin baggage You might think hand luggage is pretty standard on airlines, but you'd be wrong. Allowances vary considerably in terms of weight and size. Ryanair, for instance, allows 10kg of hand luggage. Any second items including handbags, duty free or nappy bags must fit inside this item. Otherwise, passengers must pay a 30 fee, check the second piece into the hold for a 35 fee or risk denial of boarding. There is no flexibility.Aer Lingus and BMI permit personal items such as handbags and laptops in addition to one item of hand baggage. Aer Lingus imposes a weight limit of 10kg; BMI has no weight limit on cabin baggage it asks only that you be able