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prada high tops seamstress or leather worker who can make samples for you. Locate handbag manufacturers who can produce larger quantities of your designs by using the yellow pages, or the directory of a fashion industry publication. Ask for information about price quotes and minimum order sizes to help you decide on the right manufacturer. Request samples of manufacturers' work to examine them for quality before you allow them to produce your handbags.How to Become Part of the Hottest Business on the NetWholesale Designer Handbags How to Become Part of the Hottest Business on the Net It is said, to be successful in selling, you must be passionate about what you sell. This is easy if you love designer Chanel handbags and fashion. Fashion is a huge industry. Wholesale designer handbags and fashion is also quickly becoming a very large and profitable industry. But as good as it sounds, there are many things to know before you jump in and become a designer Chanel handbag wholesaler. The most important issue you must understand is the manufacturing and distribution channels of the top designers. The production of designer Cheap Chanel handbags is almost a top secret event. With the heavy competition between the designers to offer the latest and hottest trends for the up coming season, handbag manufacturers keep quite about their production runs, the quantity they will produce and orders must be placed two or three seasons in advance just to get any product. What does this mean to you, the wholesaler? It means that you cannot call up GUCCI or Hermes and ask for a couple hundred bags and expect to not get laughed at in Italian of French of course. It also means that the top designer Cheap Chanel handbags manufacturers only supply their product to large retailers, small boutiques and maybe a website with an exclusive contract. So where do all the discount Chanel handbags that you see for sale online come from? Well, that is the key to getting into the wholesale designer handbag business. Most of the bags come from intentional or unintentional overstock by the small to medium size boutiques oversees. They will sell off their surplus of last season's " replica Chanel handbags "to