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brown prada handbags for the idea, but many feature elaborate courtyards and center courts where mall events take place. Imagine setting up a banquet area and dance floor in this space for your reception. If the bride is known for her passion for shopping, she will love celebrating her nuptials surrounded by shoes, handbags, and jewelry.Many people are lucky enough to know a homeowner with a home big enough for a wedding reception. A private residence may be one of the most cost effective locations for a reception you can find. Depending on whose home you are using, there may not even be rental cost for the space. If you are using a private location, work with the homeowner to make sure you create an atmosphere they approve of for your reception. The last thing you want is to damage the space you have been offered out of the kindness of someone's heart.Your final option for a unique, affordable wedding destination is celebrating in a community park or open outdoor space. You may need to speak with the local government about space rental, but fees are usually very reasonable. Having an outdoor reception means you will be relying on the weather to enjoy your special day, but there are few scenarios that provide a more scenic, enjoyable time on your special day. If you are planning a spring or fall wedding, consider turning a local park into your private party venue.How to Choose a TieTies are an integral part of the corporate scene. With a wide range of shirts, trousers and jackets available for men now, how to choose a tie that will go well with most of your ensembles is an inevitable question. Furthermore ties are probably the only accessories men get to wear on a daily basis as they cannot really sport fancy chains or bracelets or handbags on their nine to five shifts.How to Choose a TieThe standard length of a neck tie is 55 to 57 inches and 3.5 to 4 inches width at the widest point. Taller people would require lengthier ties while thinner men should wear slimmer ties. A tie is known to be perfect length when the bottom tip touches the buckle of your belt when knotted around your neck. However this would change with the kind of the pant too as a high waist pant would have the tip of the tie