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prada bags prices time. If you use a straw handbag on a daily basis it can pick up dirt from all the places you go. If you clean the straw handbag often the handbag will look good for a long time.A straw handbag should be clean regularly to keep it looking nice. You can routinely vacuum the straw of a straw handbag by using a low suction on your vacuum cleaner. You should also place a nylon over the nozzle of the vacuum when you vacuum off the straw of the handbag. The nylon will help protect the straw as you clean the straw handbag.Spots of dirt or grease on a straw handbag can be wiped up with a soft cloth that has an undiluted detergent on it. Just gently wipe the spot with the clean cloth and then take a wet cloth without soap on it to wipe off the soap. Once you have cleaned the straw with soap and water let the straw handbag air dry.When you clean a straw handbag you should use cold water to clean the straw. Warm or hot water on straw can distort the straw.You can spray some fabric protector on the straw handbag to help prevent dirt from accumulating on the straw. After you spray on the fabric protector let the straw handbag dry thoroughly before you use the straw handbag.A straw handbag that is wearing out and is special to you can be coated with a spray varnish to help protect the straw. Spray on a thin coat of varnish or you can use paint if you want to change the color.Straw is a nice material for a handbag. It is pretty and it protects what ever is inside the handbag. Straw can stand some wetness but you should try to keep straw dry. If straw does get wet let the straw air dry thoroughly before you use the straw handbag.Published by Donna DanielsDonna is a naturalist who enjoys many things including writing. Her family is most important but she also enjoys animals, history and doing historic crafts, organic gardening, natural health and traveling e. View profileHow to Clean a PurseApply a fabric protector such as Scotchgard to a fabric purse before you begin using it. Use leather protector on leather purses, and a protective spray without silicone for a suede purse.See "Related eHows" for information on removing stains.To keep the interior of your purse clean, don't put pens