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barneys prada to Clean a Laptop SkinProtecting the keys of your laptop can increase the lifespan of your computer. This is easily done with a laptop skin, which.How to Clean an Army Sleeping BagSometimes a regular sleeping bag just won cut it. While your average sleeping bag is fine in normal weather, you need something.How to Repair Snakeskin HandbagsSnakeskin texture appeals to most consumers because of its beautiful scales and exotic shades. Taking care of this type of surface requires.How to Sew a Python SnakeskinPython snakeskin is incredibly fragile to work with but makes for an elegant accessory. Creating a python snakeskin covered accessory can give an.How to Clean a White Leather HandbagThe problem with owning a white leather handbag is that any amount of dirt on it shows up immediately due to the.The Best Way to Clean White LeatherTypically used on designer handbags, costly couches and signature sneakers, white leather exudes refinement and elegance. While the smooth, pearly white material.How to Clean Light Coloured Leather HandbagsLeather is a unique, natural product and should be treasured. Leather will improve in appearance with age and give lasting service if cared for properly.a As leather is a skin, there will be variations in each hide. These variations can be found both within a hide and from hide to hide. They are completely natural and normal, and should be expected in leather.To keep your leather products looking their best, please follow the steps below. For repairing minor damage to leather such as scuffs and scratches, etc. A good protector should also be applied regularly to help resist the effects of daily soiling. A protector can be used on most leather and suede items including shoes, bags and wallets. Remember to cover any embellishments such as metal and beading when spraying the protector. Spraying with the protector will help to prevent light color leathers absorbing unstable dye stuffs such as denim. Always take extra care when wearing light colored bags with dark denim.2. CleaningMost leather can be cleaned but it is important to find the correct cleaner for your leather item. You will need to visit your local shoe repairer to find the