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mens white prada sunglasses use an aluminum pencil to draw a line on the stone. An imitation will leave a silvery white line mark.4. Color, Luster, Specific Gravity. Glass imitations can have flaws that look natural, but by using a lens, glass will show minute air bubbles that differ in number and shape compared to those in natural minerals. Imitation glass diamonds have a high lead percentage that make them brilliant but soft. A good diamond imitation is made of uncolored strass.Cheaper stones like quartz, topaz and white sapphire are also used to substitute for diamonds. Only the tests with light, its specific gravity or other properties can help detect imitations. A test for hardness is not reliable.Reliable jewelers use these tests and can distinguish a real diamond from among a bagful of glass imitations. They also make use of the following tools:A reflectometer that uses infrared to compare a stone's capacity to reflect. Some substances though like ilmenite show the same results as a diamond.A conductimeter that tests a stone's thermal conductibility level. Take caution when testing substances with gold and silver that are very conductible, with small stones and with synthetic corundum, a good thermal conductor.An electronic diamond tester that measures the loss of heat using a metallic probe. Diamonds are excellent heat conductors that draw heat faster from probes than simulants. Test the stone in various locations and be cautious of doublets.Aside from imitation glass diamonds, doublets are also made with part of the stone, a genuine diamond fused with glass. It is harder to detect imitation diamonds if the stones are in a setting. To ensure authenticity, it is suggested that you test and purchase costly stones loose before they are set.A single test is not sufficient to determine if a diamond is genuine, but knowing its properties will be an advantage to distinguish jewelry that is real or just imitation sold wholesale for designer handbags, wallets, rings, or furs.How to Detect an Authentic Hermes HandbagDetails can make or break a dress, and the same goes for purses. Most authentic designer handbags don't just come with authenticity cards. They also come with a booklet that