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cheap prada perfume exercise.Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council said: "The sale of illegal tobacco is a serious criminal offence. These criminal activities severely damage the local economy and legitimate traders by gaining a competitive advantage at their expense, and taking trade away from genuine hard working businesses. As it becomes harder for under 18s to buy from legitimate sources, illegal tobacco trading creates a cheap source that fuels smoking by young people, giving them habits that put their health at risk into adulthood."Bob Gaiger, HMRC spokesman for Hampshire and Surrey, said: "HMRC works with other law enforcement agencies to target anyone we suspect is selling or smuggling illicit tobacco. We relentlessly pursue any individuals or crime gangs believed to be involved in this type of criminal activity. It is not a victimless crime and undermines the efforts of legitimate traders."'I'll stand or fallTales My comments refer to bone idle REPEAT CRIMINALS DRUGGIES who steal, Bugle and smatch purses and handbags from ELDERLY working class people and WHO SIT on their LAZY BUTTS in 'Nappy Nanny State British Prisons'. I have had a GREAT, GREAT IDEA . Its called what you Ian are soley short of BASIC COMMOM SENSE and CRIME VICTIM REALITY."The debate was reignited in dramatic style last month when Durham's tough talking chief constable Mike Barton wrote an article in The Observer newspaper saying the war on drugs had "comprehensively failed" and calling for the changes supported by Mr Hogg.Mr Hogg, who will be speaking about the issue on national radio today, said he wanted addicts given heroin to inject under close medical supervision, treating them as victims, not offenders.This would cut the main income stream funding the region's criminal gangs, he said, meaning less crime and safer communities.Mr Hogg said the effort to stop heroin coming into the UK had failed and if Nato could not stop its production in Afghanistan, the police could not stop its spread here at home. Mr Hogg admitted the response to Mr Barton's article had been "mixed".Cleveland PCC Barry Coppinger has called for a Royal Commission on the issue but Northumbria PCC Vera Baird said drug use was