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prada shopping bag city is such a stark juxtaposition of China's new wealth and extreme poverty even in the same street. Under the shadow of these architectural masterpieces, a street vendor rides his rickety three wheeled bike towing a trailer loaded with knick knacks that he'll peddle for a few yuan. Dilapidated apartments with laundry hanging under the eaves are dwarfed by five star hotels and office towers in view at the end of the street.Yet somehow amongst the din of a city with 23 million people all busily getting on with their lives, there is a serenity they have carved out. Despite the traffic jams and the millions of shoppers squeezing their way down Nanjing Road like the Sydney marathon, people make time to meditate and be calm.Along the Bund, the concourse that stretches along the river, you'll find groups dressed in matching outfits doing tai chi. Wander down here early enough and you'll see men flying kites that disappear into the grey sky before packing them up and cycling off to start their day.But I'm not here to be calm. I'm here for a shopping frenzy.So the Shanghai shopping expedition beginsThe perfect person to help me navigate my way around this crazy place is New Zealand ex pat Suzy Fewtrell. She moved to Shanghai when Air New Zealand started flying here because her husband was a pilot. They loved it so much that he left the company to stay and Suzy set up her business taking tours for mainly western shoppers who want all the leg work done for them.I nearly dance a merry jig upon seeing the prices of clothes, luggage, homewares and linens on this trip. I'm also told about a couple who saved $22,000 on curtains for their new and obviously large home by purchasing direct from the factory, which made me think a holiday here makes perfect sense for the thrifty.I take the Shopping Tours Shanghai full day tour, starting at about 8.30am and ending at 6pm, with lunch and a driver included. I thought it would be far too long, but we scamper through the outlets on our itinerary with such gusto, even the token male ran out of time.Starting at the Fabric Factory, it's winter coats in every colour, shape and size hanging from racks, while fabric samples fill books just waiting to