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prada purse black and he can make up his mind out of those options, if he has had problems choosing gifts for you, and soon, he will have a feel for it.This issue also goes back to money. Talk about this with him and listen to what he has to say, this is a good opportunity for you two to build on what seems like a good relationship.How to win Fashions on the FieldSome, such as serial Fashions on the Field competitor Alex Hecker, have been plotting their strategy for months. The Geelong retail assistant has designed three frocks one for each race day of Cup week, commissioned a dressmaker and milliner, and sourced gloves, handbags and, of course, shoes to match. Preparations started five months ago when she began scouring the Paris and London runways for hot new trends and scrutinising vintage Vogue magazines in search of the perfect outfit.This year's carnival will add to her tally of 13 Fashions on the Field competitions in three years. Already she has won several regional contests and for her efforts was named this year's ''face'' of Country Racing Victoria. It's an all consuming not to mention expensive passion. Now she's after the big one Flemington.''It really is a big operation because you have to co ordinate the designer with the milliner, and at spring racing time, they need a lot of notice,'' Hecker says.''I have two jobs to cover the costs but it's starting to get easier. It takes a while to get a wardrobe up and going for racing fashion, especially with all the different millinery, different gloves, different shoes, different clutches it's not just the dress. And then you have to take into account autumn and winter racing fashion, which is completely different to spring and summer. I love it, though, it's great fun.''Since the first horse thundered down the straight at Flemington in 1861, women have been matching handbags to shoes, clutching form guides in one hand and unwieldy hats in the other, sinking heel deep in muddy turf and parading about the public lawn in everything from crinoline cages to breathtakingly brief miniskirts.Whether it is the understated monochrome of Derby day, the razzle dazzle of Cup day or the ladylike ensembles of Oaks day, for