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prada eyeglasses for men vowed to dock housing benefit from under 25s a policy blocked by the Liberal Democrats but went much further in his closing speech in Manchester.Denying removing unemployment benefit was "callous", he said: "There are still over a million young people not in education, employment, or training."Today, it is still possible to leave school, sign on, find a flat, start claiming housing benefit and opt for a life on benefits. It's time for bold action."We should give young people a clear, positive choice: Go to school. Go to college. Do an apprenticeship. Get a job. But just choose the dole? We've got to offer them something better than that."Afterwards, No.10 aides said details were still being worked up, but insisted the aim was to prevent the young becoming "trapped in a cycle of unemployment and benefit dependency".Carers and the disabled would be exempt and under 25s could now retain housing benefit, provided they did not refuse a job or training.James Wharton, Conservative MP for Stockton South, said: "This is a welcome move. We have to rescue people from the life on welfare that led Labour to abandon a whole generation."But it was attacked by Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, who said: "This paints a bleak picture for many of our young people, who could see essential help stripped away."The idea was the one new policy in a 56 minute speech in which a tired looking Mr Cameron with large bags under his eyes urged voters to trust the Tories to secure economic recovery.The phrase "finish the job" was uttered no fewer than 15 times and Labour mentioned 25 times, as the prime minister tore into Ed Miliband for "bashing business".In a crucial dividing line, Mr Cameron said: "Labour is saying to employers 'we want to put up your taxes, don't come here stick your jobs and take them elsewhere'."I know that bashing business might play to a Labour audience, but