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prada prescription glasses policy in a 56 minute speech in which a tired looking Mr Cameron with large bags under his eyes urged voters to trust the Tories to secure economic recovery.The phrase "finish the job" was uttered no fewer than 15 times and Labour mentioned 25 times, as the prime minister tore into Ed Miliband for "bashing business".In a crucial dividing line, Mr Cameron said: "Labour is saying to employers 'we want to put up your taxes, don't come here stick your jobs and take them elsewhere'."I know that bashing business might play to a Labour audience, but it's crazy for our country. So, if Labour's plan for jobs is to attack business, ours is to back business."Mr Miliband's pledge to freeze energy bills was condemned as "all sticking plasters and quick fixes, cobbled together for the TV cameras, Red Ed and his Blue Peter economy".Instead, the prime minister insisted: "To raise living standards in the long term, you need to do some major things."You need to cut the deficit to keep mortgage rates low, you need to grow your economy, get people jobs and yes cut people's taxes."Mr Cameron also sought to stress this would be an economic recovery for the entire country, although he omitted any reference to the North East.Instead, he referenced the Humber for "clean energy", Blackpool for "the shale gas industry" and Manchester for its "brains and research centres".Earlier this week, James Ramsbotham, the chief executive of the North East Chamber of Commerce NECC accused Mr Cameron of appearing to write off the region, after hearing him speak at a 'Northern Reception'.Let me finish the job we startedThats how all the local workshy Joe Soaps make an 'existence' of a living. They refuse point blank to work so they peddle their 'workshy' drugs and engage in regular criminal activities burgling the houses, garages and garden sheds and snatching handbags off the oppressed poor and elderly. Every Council estate has to tolerate this lowlife 'scum druggies' some of whom are killing our children with illegal drugs, as well as destroying communities. Which begs the question why was criminal lowlife like this given a Council House in the first place ?. Some houses have 5O