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where can i buy prada handbags Dublin. Is there more than a one night stand in Val future? Can Tina find the right dress if she got the wrong man? Should Bee hop into bed with a married man or just go to the zoo? Or is there something else out there?Written by actress Laoisa Sexton, who also plays the role of Bee, For Love has already enjoyed a successful run in New York and comes to Galway as part of an Irish tour.did it for the First Irish Festival which was on last September in New York, Sexton tells me. submitted it and it got in. I didn think it would because I wrote it very fast. My first play took me a year and a half and this one was done in a month. We sold out on the run and it was a big success and then we did it off Broadway and then the tour came along and it just been gathering momentum, it been quite an experience, I have learned so much.Despite the play American success, Sexton and co still had to raise the finance themselves to bring it to Ireland.funded this ourselves, we did a fundit campaign, she says. didn get any grant aid, when we applied we were told us there were only grants for work leaving Ireland not coming into the country. But it all came together eventually and hopefully sometime there will be structures set up to support the community of Irish artists living overseas.even approached The Gathering and they said it didn qualify as event Yet it was John Duddy homecoming ex boxer Duddy is in the cast and that was a big deal in Derry and we were invited to meet Martin McGuinness at Stormont for tea and bicies!Sexton goes on to describe the content of the play.portrays three women in their thirties who are looking for love, she says. is a lot of searching in the play. I like to say it like a dirty pop song, it deals with issues that everyone thinks about like love, sex, yearning, wanting, looking for stuff outside of yourself when it is probably quite close to you. It quite funny. It been called raunchy and we really go there but underneath it all it shows the emptiness of being loveless.about what you will do for love and put yourself through. Val has a one night stand and tears her heart out looking for the right person. The only time someone says love you in the play is when