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prada prada perfume offensive of the bunch join forces with the weakest, and any remaining charismatic andor able bodied contestants are sent packing, post haste. Thus was Sweetums double crossed by Hippie Wrongstockings and his pathetic gaggle of losers.In fact, Wrongstockings is such an unethical slimebag and has shown so few similarities to even the lowest, most unlikable young bandwagon variety of hippie, he really doesn deserve the part of his nickname at all. He sneaky and smug and nasty, and it was a huge mistake for Sweetums and company not to get rid of him a long time ago when they had the chance.To add insult to the usual midseason injury, Burton and Lill came back from the dead and now appear to be controlling the game. Is that really fair to Sweetums? Those two were voted off, fair and square, and now they in the catbird seat, as Keith Jackson would say. I willing to concede that Burton is a tough competitor, even if he is pretty much a zero interpersonally. But Lill is the absolute worst. She self righteous, obsessive and weak, and she whines loudly about doing the right thing as if it make us forget that she been consistently self serving from the start. If she believed a word she preached about how unfair it was for her tribe to vote her off, given all the hard work she did, she would never in a million years have agreed to axe Sweetums. But this is exactly how the most irritating and mediocre players make it to the end of the game, year after year.I still like Sandra a lot, and Tijuana really hasn done anything to annoy me, but the overall picture looks bleak. Clearly, the remaining four young women Sandra, Christa, Tijuana and Darrah should join forces and boot Burton, Lill and Dippy. Otherwise, Burton will win every single challenge, and he drag Dippy to the very end, since Dippy has a better chance of spontaneously combusting than he has of winning the million dollar prize.But, all projections aside: Frankly, I depressed. I hate that a player as good as Sweetums is out of the game, particularly when his outlook upon departing was so grim. would have made my life a lot better, he said once he was voted off. always get hurt trusting people. I want so badly to be accepted, and