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red patent leather prada sneakers tabletop doorbell and a guy who claimed to live in a "shoebox by the train tracks." I wonder why more college students or other drunk dial types don't follow suit.It seems QVC has gotten involved in some labor snafus regarding 401 K's and discriminatory hiring practices. This doesn't really surprise me. And the past few retail cycles have seen a downturn, due to the economy as well as the proliferation of online shopping.However, QVC still hosts studio tours and special weekends, including a Girls Weekend where you and your BFF's can road trip to West Chester, stay in a local hotel, visit the local outlet mall, and even lunch with your favorite QVC host!Anyone in?Beth I laughed at your mentions of West Chester and whether or not it is a cultural epicenter. I can tell you it is a beautiful little town; I live about a half hour from WC and lived in town many years ago. Don't knock it 'til you've experienced it, lol. The QVC compound and their array of satellite dishes are in a business park a few miles outside of town.I have a friend who worked at QVC in the credit fraud department and would tell me stories of his more amusing cases. Something else he told me was the hosts don't haul in a lot of cash, despite there TV personality status. As he phrased it: "It's like their famous for nothing."I want her to explain to me where my money isKIRKLAND, Wash. The state says the phone is ringing off the hook with clients who fear they've lost their life savings.A day after a KOMO News investigation revealed police and state officials have launched investigations into Kirkland broker and financial adviser Rhonda Breard, potential victims are coming out of the woodwork.Belinda and Breard's other clients have only been able to reach a recording at Breard's office. The message told clients to call ING Financial Services, the broker dealer Breard used to run her transactions.ING terminated its agreement with Breard the same day she disappeared. ING alleges Breard altered customers statements, according to state officials.Three other clients told KOMO News similar stories. Two of them believe they received the wrong statement. The clients suspect the names may have been switched on the