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prada bifold wallet stuffed animals, blankets, toys for all ages, board games, mops, brooms, cookware, grills, hand tools, power tools, cowboy hats, baseball hats, candles, pi make up, deodorant, lotions, soaps, batteries, toothpaste, garden hoses, rakes, DVDs, western wear, sunglasses, wigs, and a velvet Supper painting, not to mention an outstanding assortment of market produce. While seasonal items vary, there produce here every weekend of the year. How did I not know this? There are seasoned nuts; football sized papayas; hard to find items like plantains, tomatillos and coconuts; and enormous fruits and veggies, including fat navel oranges and plump strawberries.Denny Schricker has been peddling his car accessories dash covers, seat covers, die cast metal parts, and cleaning supplies the El Rancho every weekend for the last 21 years. made a pretty great living, too, up until the economy went bad, said Schricker. year was the worst year I ever seen, but I guess it the same for everyone. We starting to come back now. every weekend, come rain or come shine. Schricker says it takes a heavy snowstorm to keep vendors away.It normally takes Schricker about an hour to set up his tables and canopy and merchandise his wares, and about another hour to tear down in the afternoon, which the vendors all have to do once drive in movie season starts. least in the winter, they let us keep our tables and canopies up. Castillo purchased spaces 4209 and 4110 about six months ago from a relative who had owned the spots for five years. A guaranteed spot only costs $150 for the year, and the daily fee is just $21, making it an affordable venue. Castillo sells handbags, baby blankets, curtains, jackets and jewelry.handbags aren the traditional brands, she said. not quite knock offs, but they like knock offs. In a lot of places you can get them for about $60, but we sell them for $30. fact, prices at the public market can be up to 50 percent less than average retail prices.When they not at the market, Schricker and Castillo are, like most of the vendors here, buying merchandise from out of state or selling items on Craigslist and eBay. Most vendors have regular customers, who come nearly every week to check out their