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cheap prada shoes for kids has 400 plus locations across Canada. The chains sells brand name luggage, handbags, backpacks, and a variety of other travel accessories. "Today's passenger experience at the airport includes shopping, dining, and enjoying the free Wi Fi, all while waiting to board their flight. The addition of more retailers improves overall customer satisfaction."Luggage choices for travel in summerStylist Amanda Ross, fashion director for travel themed Departures magazine, says she thinks about packing when she's doing her initial shopping. "It really comes down to how you shop and what your wardrobe is about."But even more basic is the bag it will go in.There are more FedEx boxes of clothes and accessories coming into the lobby of Manhattan's upscale Mondrian SoHo than one might imagine and fewer luxury brand suitcases that would complement the handbags that its typical fashion savvy guests carry, says hotel general manager Gary Thomas.He personally uses that send ahead system. "You don't have to carry anything then or worry about an extra pound or two, and it's even more reliable than taking it with you."There are also fewer last minute items, the ones you rarely "need," tossed in, he says."The weight issue has become huge, especially in the past year," agrees Dan Tarala, vice president of product design and strategy for Victorinox Travel Gear. "It's the No. 1 thing we hear."The complaints started in Europe, he says, but have moved west and east, north and south. When he started with Victorinox almost 10 years ago, the goal was to get a suitcase that could be used for two weeks down to 17 pounds; now it's 5 pounds.Of course, consumers want to shed weight without losing any of the features they have come to like or looks they want to wear.In the world of suitcases, that means wheels still rule. They've just changed to smaller, more nimble ones, says Tarala. The evolving trend toward four wheels instead of two might seem counterintuitive, but they can be smaller and better distribute weight. They also encourage a lower profile of the bag, which results in more efficient use of the space inside.Hard side suitcases made of polycarbonate, as opposed to soft leather or nylon bags, are gaining