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prada eyeglasses online remembering the row her fat cattery caused long before she became a banker. Back in 2003 she was promoted from finance director of B to finance director of its parent company Kingfisher. As part of the deal she received a 334,000 relocation package to help her move all the way from Hampshire to Berkshire next door. That took her pay package through the 1million mark and caused fury among the retailer's shareholders.Within months of the move she had resigned to join Lloyds as finance director enjoying a further pay boost. She collected 1.7 million last year including a 1 million bonus.Daniels actually only ? got 1.1 million in 2009. Having been artfully boxed into a corner by his rivals John Varley at Barclays and Stephen Hester at Royal Bank of Scotland he too was forced to waive his bonus. He was furious. The fact is that at the moment, whatever Daniels walks away with will be seen as a reward for failure.Yes, Lloyds is turning round but it is nowhere near the super bank he predicted at the time of the HBOS deal.One solution would be to allow Daniels his salary maybe even an annual bonus this year but to defer his long term bonus and share options for much longer; indeed, withhold them until the taxpayer's 41% stake has been entirely repaid to the private sector. One hopes that can be done at a decent profit and that Daniels can be fairly awarded for success not failure.Mind you I always thought the Seeger B side "Little Boxes" was the better song. Perhaps bankers are "all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same."Lyrics show how Cable's out of tuneI fear that Vince Cable cannot remain in Government much longer.The man whose book The Storm revealed him as the only politician who really understood the banking crisis, is starting to lose it.He is behaving in a highly political way over News Corps' bid for Sky; he wants Government to control executive pay; he decries capitalism even though his role is Business Secretary. Once again old lyrics came to mind listening to Cable's speech yesterday. This time it's Don McLean's Vincent."Now I think I know what you tried to say to me how you suffered for your sanity how you tried to set them free. They would