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prada saffiano & tessuto tote tend to be lumpy when combined with money, ID combs, and whatever else.A bag gives a woman a place to carry a closed umbrella in case its going to rain. Then there are things like breath mints or a toothbrush and small toothpaste. Women may have other personal items they like to make sure to have with them. Sometimes a person has need for a small flashlight or a place to keep a small book, CD, or folded up newspaper. People may like to bring a certain type of teabag or sweetener with them or have room to keep a bottle of water. Some people take a camera with them at all times. Its handy to have a place to keep gloves in Winter so they less likely to be lost. Some people like a safe place to keep sunglasses or eyeglasses. Some people like a few clean tissues for emergencies. Some may like to keep something like a breakfast bar handy. And, of course, there are keys.Smokers may like to keep a spare package of cigarettes or a spare lighter or matches. Some people have a medical situation that requires them to bring along their medication. Some people like to keep a few heachache tablets or antacids handy.By the way, while I won generally leave home with my shoulder bag, I don take all the stuff I mentioned above. I just saying some people may wantneed to.A well organized bag that has a shoulder bag that a person just grabs on the way out the door and hangs over her shoulder means not only will she have flat pockets and not only is she less likely to lose things, but she pretty much ready for anything being caught in the rain and having make up wash off, having to look under the seat of a car in the dark to find dropped keys, staying over someone else house unexpectedly, being able to read in a boring situation, being able to listen to music, make a phone call, providing more than one form of identification if its necessary, rare as this may be getting rid of bird droppings that have been known to fall on shoulders and heads, and any number of other situations.I don like tiny, useless, bags that hold no more than pockets would although at least they solve the stuffed pockets problem, and I don like giant, cumbersome, sachels. A good sized, shoulder bag with lots of