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prada small bag living the bare minimums3 general maintenance hello, TAMPONS and Maxi Pads are not cheap!! men never have to worry about PMS, cramps, or god forbid, monthly bloating or a vaginal infection even a simple ointment to relieve itching costs $12.99 or more at Duane ReadeCVS, and4 food esp if you are a woman trying to eat healthy and only eat Vegetarian or Organic food to stick to your diet, or have no desire to pollute your arteries with cheap fast food.Oh and dont get me started on shoes, handbags, and hair care!! Any self respecting woman who wants to look successful will NEED to expend money on regular manicurespedicures, hair cuts, stylish handbags, and frequent salon visits and while they can be done cheaply in low budget salons, a woman's haircut at SuperCuts will still run you about $ 35.00 50.00 plus tip vs a guy's hair cut which is only $ 10 20!!!. These little "expenses" add up and unless you want to walk around 5th Avenue looking like a makeup free Rosie O'Donnell with Wal Mart clothing, you will expend the $$ to keep yourself looking fit, healthy, and attractive because thats how life in Manhattan rolls.So no women do spend more than guys. All a guy needs is 2 nice suits with ties, 3 pairs of shoes dress shoes, sneakers, and an every day walking pair, toothbrusttoothpaste, a comb and a razor!!OP: I strongly suggest, as others have already done on this thread, that you get the job FIRST, and then move here. Living in NYC is already a big distraction and moving expenses will quickly deplete savings plus most landlords and building management companies now require several months' security deposit, Proof of a JobIncome, and Capacity to Pay on time. I have never done anything adventurous in my life and would love to at least try moving out of state. I have read so many threads and have surfed Craig's List trying to get a feel on how much rent is and how many available jobs are out there, but it is a lot of information and I just need to know what a comfortable amount would be to survive for a couple of months until I found a job. I have about $5k saved so far, but from what I have read that may get me by a week Advice PLEASE??