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free prescription sunglasses being counterfeited, then you probably have a brand that isn't worth much."Nobody's going to get killed by a counterfeit handbag, adds Joiner. "But consumers are at risk of buying counterfeit products that pose a real danger." At the top of her list are knockoff pharmaceuticals cut with everything from harmless filler to motor oil, highway paint and glue. She also cites bogus electronics with faulty wiring or potentially hazardous batteries, as well as shampoo and perfumes with fake luxury branding that contain harmful amounts of bacteria. "I've seen things like fake diabetic testing strips, surgical mesh for repairing abdominal walls during surgery and even an entire Ferrari that was counterfeit."There are all kinds of money scams, from hotels that charge exorbitant commissions to change currency to moneychangers passing you bills or coins that are no longer in circulation. "Some goon rushes by you and drops a wad of dollars could be more than a thousand and another goon steps in and picks it up, offering to share it with you. If you take the offer, the other goon will track you down and demand all of the money. I kinda find it cute that they think it can still work sadly it probably does."Another frequent scam is the hotel that doesn't live up to what's advertised.'My advice is do your research'Every city has them, but some examples are more egregious than others. The Ramada Inn Miami Airport North is actually16 kilometresfrom Miami International. The Country Inn Suites at Denver International Airport is 14 kilometresfrom the field. The Hampton Suites LAX Van Nuys is near an airport a general aviation field in the San Fernando Valley with the code VNY. The real LAX is 28 kilometres due south, a drive that often takes more than an hour in freeway traffic."My advice is do your research," says Brooke Ferencsik, senior manager of media relations for the popular TripAdvisor web site. "The more educated you are about a given hotel, the better off you're going to be."Hotel parking valets are another menace, especially those tempted to steal valuables from cars in their charge. You also have to be careful about where they park your car. Drivers automatically assume