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purple prada handbag mainly rests on price and popularity and difficulty in reproduction. Older models can be produced in one day because all of the parts have already been copied and manufactured. New models can take up to thirty days to knock off. This is big business and is financed by investors, mainly in China. The factories foot the cost of the dies, so they become partners. No minimum order quantities are required, and everything is done on a cash basis. Contracts do not exist, and couriers often hand carry critical parts.According to my source in Kusadasi, watches, in contrast with other goods, are the most difficult to produce because they involve technology. Handbags, like the very popular Louis Vuitton, are very simple to copy and are often very high quality. In the case of handbags, retired workers are also recruited. It costs upwards of five to ten million dollars to learn how to manufacture near originals. As my counterfeit in chief told me, "people in this economy will buy products that look and feel as good as the originals. It is just that simple."The largest markets for sales are Turkey, Greece, and Arabic countries.I contacted a colleague in London who is working a major counterfeiting investigation in China and was told that the watch and handbag companies have essentially given up pursuing the criminals because it is too difficult to get governments like Turkey to act. In Kusadasi, I was told that the risk is so minimal that it is worth the potential for civil seizure of goods. "There is nothing the watch companies can do about this in Turkey because there are essentially no legal sanctions as long as we pay the taxes," he says. While my source says he knows all of those involved in this incredibly lucrative industry, he told me that the victim companies cannot identify the major players so they cannot be effective in any enforcement efforts, especially in China, where corruption among officials is rampant.So if you are looking for the best in genuine fake watches, handbags, luggage, clothes and any other goods that look and feel like the original article, then you may want to visit Kusadasi, Turkey or Istanbul for bargains. But you also might want to